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Have a happy and healthy holiday season!

Some days are all about a magical, fantastical
"Creativity Crafternoon©
For those of you not familiar with this Ruby Slippers lingo, it's probably exactly what your weary mind requires!
Imagine you're bored...or it's raining, it's snowing, or it's Wednesday or....you get the idea....and you're just not sure what to do with yourself!  The house is clean, the kids are at school or spending some time with friends, the pup is at the groomer and you're free to roam...but it's the middle of Winter in Harbor Country and nothing is open, so what's a girl to do?
Days like this call for an oh-so-fabulous Creativity Crafternoon©. 
Ruby Slippers offers a wonderful range of ever-changing and always growing menu of DIY projects for you to create in the comfort of our oh-so-cozy art studio!
Join Us For Our Very First Springtime Crafternoon!!
Saturday April 22nd
 From 2-5pm
The Mini's Are Back!!  The Mini's Are Back!!
The Mixed Media Mini's are Back!!!!

When it comes to Mixed Media Art projects here at Ruby, these fabulous Minis are quite possibly our best attended workshops! 

These tiny little canvas's measure a mere 2 inches by 2 inches and after we embellish the heck out of them with just about anything you can think of, they become the most wonderful wall-hangings, necklaces or even set upon a tiny easel as a mini work of art.  Whatever you choose to do them, you simply can't go wrong!
Join us this Saturday as we walk you through creating your very own version of these magical little gems!
You don't need any experience!  You bring your imagination and your favorite quote or a sentence you might like to include, and we'll provide instruction and all the artsy-craftsy supplies a girl could ever dream of!!

Our Saturday Crafternoons are the sort of afternoon designed to be spent with girlfriends getting creative! 
Spaces are incredibly limited at our new location, so please RSVP as soon as possible as there are only 10 spaces available per class!

$30.00 per person incudes all supplies, instruction, soft drinks and 2 adult beverages.
IF you have questions, please contact us at info@therubyslipperscompany.com
or call us at 269-231-0115

Please click on the button below to secure your spot!!

Join us for our First Ever


With Mixed Media Artist, Teresa Cash

Saturday June 3rd



With Teresa Cash

Saturday June 3rd


In this class each student will use one of their favorite 5” x 7” photo and transform it into the cover of a custom copic stitch journal.  It will be something you treasure or a perfect gift for someone special.


Each student is to bring a 5” x 7” photo that will become the front cover of their custom journal. 

The morning half of the class we will:

-Prep the front, back, and inside covers of the journal

-Prepare signature (group of pages) by folding and punching holes for stitching the journal

-Fuse the 5” x 7” photo and the insides of each cover using polymer medium


There will be a break for lunch.  Bring your own sack lunch.


The afternoon will be dedicated to stitching the signatures and the covers together to complete the journal.  A guided step-by-step instruction along with continued support will be given to ensure comprehension of the stitching process.


Instructor:  Teresa Cash                                        

Class fee:  $62.00 per person includes all materials except the 5x7 photo you are asked to bring for your cover art.

Please click the button below to secure your spot today as we only have 10 spaces available for this class.

For questions or more information, please email:  teresa@teresacashart.com 

Website:  www.teresacashart.com                      www.asmilemaker.com                               


Join us for our very first

Creativity Crafternoon©
of 2017....

Create Your Very Own
Art-Fully Fabulous
Mixed Media Collage Home.
As seen in the photo below
***This is a TWO PART CLASS
Mixed Media Collage
Wall Hanging

is a two part Creativity Crafternoon Workshop...

Total cost for this two-part workshop
Cost includes all supplies, instructions, and beverages on both dates.

Part One: 
When:  Saturday January 7th
from 11-12:30

What:  Laying the foundation
We'll be working with wood, paper mache and a few other surprises for you to create your perfect little 12 inch high homestead!
Part Two:
When:  Saturday January 14th
from 11-1:30
What:  Now that your fabulous homestead is dry, let's create a magical place for your imagination to call "home."
We'll provide you with instructions and everything from vintage papers and ephemera, paints, stamps, inks, found objects, broken jewelry and
SO MUCH MORE to create your very own absolutely fabulous
Mixed Media Collage Wall-Hanging Home.
No experience necessary!
Only 10 spaces available, so please RSVP ASAP....
Please click the BUY NOW button below to register.
Any questions, please contact meInfo@therubyslipperscompany.com

Mixed Media Collage 2 day Workshop


These are just a tiny sampling of the many projects we have available for you to choose from for you Creativity Crafternoon©!
A beautiful bouquet of paper roses....
How about creating your very own magical one-of-a-kind pair of wings?  Yep...wings...or a crown....maybe a magic wand...we've got that too!  The possibilities are almost endless!
Whether you're a seasoned artist or someone just beginning to dabble, we've got a wide range of projects designed to get that creativity moving!
Simply drop in, or for larger parties, please call in advance to make a reservation, choose your project and we'll make sure you have as much or as little instruction as you'd like!  We're completely stocked with everything you could possibly need to create your very own one-of-a-kind art-full experience!  Just pay for the project you choose (typical cost of each project is between $25 and  $30.00 per person) and you'll instantly have access to a seemingly never-ending arsenal of artsy-craftsy tools just waiting for you to enjoy! 
The extensive range of artsy supplies available depends on the project you choose, but we believe in and pride ourselves on being able to offer you LOADS OF CHOICES so I can promise you'll have no shortage of incredible options!

Whether you're creating alone, looking for a fantastic team-building idea, Ladies Night Out celebration, Mother-Daughter or Father-Daughter activity, Bridal Shower, Birthday Party (ages 15 and up please), or for no special reason at all, we hope you'll join us for a uniquely magical, oh-so-fantastical Creativity Crafternoon©!!
***Any Children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by a parent.